Polina Gagarina

Publication from Polina Gagarina (@ gagara1987) Apr20 2017 at 9:17 PDT The reasons why the 29-year-old singer so carefully conceals her second pregnancy from the public (she has a 9-year-old son Andrey from her first marriage) are unclear. Moreover, this very public is already aware that the child will still be, thanks to Philip Kirkorov and Sergey Lazarev, Polina in social networks with an upcoming replenishment. But the singer observes the intrigue: she does not make any official confirmation, on the contrary, some time ago she gave an angry rebuke to all the curious: they say, I’m not pregnant and stop getting into someone else’s personal life!

Charlize Theron

30 stars who were hiding that they were waiting for a childA photo: Getty Images To accept a child from a foreign family in your family, as it turns out, it is no less intimate than giving birth to your own. The actress, in secrecy in 2012, adopted a newborn boy from South Africa, and in 2015 - a dark-skinned girl from the United States. By the way, now her son is discussed in the news almost every week. All because Charlize dresses up Jackson in a girl's dress and braids his braids.


Publication from Pelageya Hanova (@pelagea_khanova)Apr 15 2017 at 6:40 PDT Collegue Polina Gagarina on the coaching chair on the show "The Voice" kept secret for five months before the situation was trumpeted by journalists. When the singer appeared on her own birthday with her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin, even free clothes could not hide her rounded belly. In addition, out of all drinks, the star blonde allowed herself only lemonade lemonade.

Uma Thurman

30 stars who were hiding that they were waiting for a childA photo: Getty Images When the muse of Quentin Tarantino was waiting for the third child from financier Arpad Busson, the pregnancy did not hide much. However, it was impossible to get any detailed comments about the children from her: even the name of the second daughter (she had three children - a son and two daughters) was found out by the press several months after the birth. It is possible that Uma all this time, the name was simply composed, because the girl's name is entirely: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalun Florence Turman-Busson.

Victoria Dayneko

30 stars who were hiding that they were waiting for a childA photo: @victoriadaineko In the winter of 2015, the winner of the fifth "Star Factory" did not want to alleviate the fate of curious fans: rumors of her pregnancy went, but the singer flatly refused to comment on them. As well as rumors about his own wedding with musician Dmitry Kleyman. However, as a result, the singer could not restrain herself and told her on her social network page that the offer of her hand and heart was received on the eve of Valentine's Day. And about her pregnancy in the end of March to the magazine "StarHit" the friend of the couple told Andrey Korolyov: "Vika is pregnant, but she does not want to talk about it yet. The time is still very short. Only three months ... "

Laura Linney

30 stars who were hiding that they were waiting for a childA photo: Getty Images Without telling anyone and nothing about her pregnancy, the star of the Truman Show was simply afraid of jinxing. And all because she gave birth at the age of 49, and for the first time! Pregnancy at this age is fraught with very different complications. And you can only guess how Laura was going through, because the kid was probably long-awaited and desired. Fortunately, everything went well, the baby was born healthy.