What happens to the body of a woman at 22 weeks gestation?

At this time, the future mother needs to take care ofcomfortable clothes for themselves, which will not squeeze the enlarged tummy. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks is difficult, if the skin is very tender, so it is desirable to moisten it with a special cream.At the 22nd week of pregnancy, a woman needs to pick up clothesAt 22 weeks pregnant woman picks upclothes that do not press on the bellyPhoto: Getty Starts to increase the uterus. It already rests against the diaphragm, it presses a little on the digestive organs. There may be difficulty breathing, problems with digestion or bowel movement. With frequent constipation, hemorrhoids appear, which must be treated under the supervision of a doctor. If the food is balanced, there is enough plant fiber and fermented milk products, the probability of frequent constipation and the appearance of hemorrhoids is reduced. A woman with good appetite starts gaining weight. In normal for the period of pregnancy, weight gain is about 11-15 kg. At week 22, mom should not gain more than 6 kg in excess of weight before pregnancy. Further weight gain is consistent with the attending physician. Light, painless contractions at week 22 do not pose a health hazard. This is normal, so the uterus is prepared for future birth. Unsusceptibility should cause severe pain during labor, it can become a harbinger of premature birth. Dangerous also spotting from the vagina, when they appear, you need to call an ambulance. To the joy of a woman, her toxicosis during this period does not bother. There may be a feeling of pain in the back, so you need to strengthen the spine with a special charge for pregnant women. You can not burden your back - spend a lot of time sitting, wearing shoes with high heels. After an hour spent on a chair at the computer, you need to reward yourself with a walk. Unfortunately, back pain can be a warning sign of kidney or stomach disease, then a doctor's consultation is needed.

Scheduled visit to the doctor

During the next examinationgynecologist at week 22, a woman measures her blood pressure and abdominal circumference, weighs her, listens as the fetal heart beats. The doctor prescribes a second planned ultrasound and the delivery of tests if this has not been done before. On ultrasound, a specialist examines the fetus, determines the normal ratio of parts of the body, assesses the level of development and work of the baby's organs. Important attention is paid to the number and transparency of amniotic fluid, the state of the umbilical cord and the placenta. Analyzes of blood and urine will help the doctor determine the level of sugar, hemoglobin, the presence of an inflammatory process in the body of a woman. With a timely diagnosed disease, his treatment will give the child a chance to develop normally and appear healthy.

Fetal development at week 22

Fetal weight during this period is from 400 to 500d. His brain is almost formed, internal organs begin to develop intensively - the heart increases in size, calcium is deposited in the bones. Formation of the spine, all vertebrae and intervertebral discs, has already been completed.What happens to the fetus at week 22?What happens to the fetus at 22 weeks gestation?can be seen on the ultrasound: Getty On the skin of the baby appeared a fluff - thin hairs that hold the original grease covering his body. Grease protects the child from the action of amniotic fluid and helps to pass through the birth canal at the time of birth. This pappus will disappear by the time of birth. The baby begins to stir more and more actively inside the mother's abdomen, reminding of his existence. He can already listen to loud music, and his dissatisfaction with jerking. Too frequent movements of the baby may indicate that it lacks oxygen. This happens for various reasons, for example, if a woman has anemia. When the fetal movements are absent for more than a day, you need to inform the doctor about it.


A pregnant woman needs to watch hernutrition, so as not to gain extra pounds. The menu should be full and balanced, contain a sufficient amount of protein - it's dishes from lean meat, fish, cottage cheese. Especially useful are dairy products that contain calcium - yogurt, kefir, milk and cheese. The use of muffins and sweets should be limited. They contain "fast" carbohydrates, which lead to an unwanted increase in body weight, disrupt intestinal motility. It is also desirable to reduce the amount of salt in food, it can hold water in the body and cause swelling. To prevent anemia, you need to eat buckwheat porridge and dishes from beef liver. Useful all sorts of vegetable salads with olive oil dressing and fresh fruits that do not cause allergies. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor which vitamin preparations should be drunk. Independently you can not buy vitamins in the pharmacy, they should be appointed by the attending doctor after receiving the results of the tests. At 22 weeks, intensive fetal growth continues, and internal organs are being formed. The future mother needs to be attentive to her health, to inform the doctor about sudden pains and ailments, to monitor her diet and walk more often outdoors.

What happens when twins become pregnant?

The weight of children is 460 g, height 27.3 cm. Their eyes are still colorless, but are already fully prepared for normal functioning. Also, the hearing developed, so that you can communicate with the kids. At week 22, you need to look at a consultation with a gynecologist and, if necessary, take additional tests. The woman continues to suffer from heartburn. To her adds a new unpleasant symptom - pain in the lower back. It is not easy to wear twins, so the back is heavily loaded. Every new week brings change. Not all of them are pleasant to feel, but try to think only about positive, because soon you will meet with your children.