Probably everyone remembers the nightmare,when the adoptive parents forgot the boy, adopted from Russia, in the car. The car was so hot under the sun that the body of a two-year-old baby could not stand it: when his father returned to the car, in the cabin he found the lifeless body of a little son. Thus was born the law of Dima Yakovlev, prohibiting foreigners from adopting children from Russia. Dima Yakovlev - that was the name of the deceased boy, until he was taken to the States. He died, already being Chase Harrison. His foster father was put on trial. The man was shining for ten years in prison for manslaughter.the boy has thought up how to rescue children locked in the carA photo: GettyImagesIn Russia, such cases have not yet been heard. Maybe our parents are more responsible, maybe there is no such heat. Although there is no-no, yes, and slip reports that in the car in a red-hot car park they forgot the dog. And then to save her goes the whole city. In the USA, the cases of the death of children in cars have already counted more than 700, since 1998. Just recently, a neighbor of 10-year-old Bishop Curry, who lives in Texas, died of a heat stroke received in a locked car. Little Fern was only half a year old. The frightful incident impressed the boy so much that he decided to figure out how to avoid such tragedies in the future. Indeed, to prevent them is actually very easy: you just need to open the door in time. The boy came up with a device called "Oasis" - a small smart gadget that controls the temperature inside the car. As soon as the air heats up to a certain mark, the device starts to release cold air and simultaneously sends a signal to the parents and to the rescue service.the boy has thought up how to rescue children locked in the carPhoto: @bishop.curryiv The prototype of the device so far exists only in the form of a clay model. To raise money for the creation of a working version of the Oasis, Bishop's father posted the project on GoFundMe - people interested in creating it, throw off money. Now the little inventor managed to collect already almost 29 thousand dollars. The initial goal was 20 thousand. "Not only my parents, but also teachers and friends helped me," Bishop says with gratitude. In general, the money has already been collected enough to patent the device and assemble its working version. And Bishop already understood what he wants to do when he grows up: the boy plans to go to the inventors. His dream is to come up with a time machine. Who knows, suddenly it will turn out?