Photo:The pregnant singer with her husband Dmitry Sergeev not only rested in the Maldives, but also took courses on survival from local residents. On a page on the social network, Lena gave detailed instructions on how to survive on an abandoned island in the ocean. Survival course on an abandoned island in the ocean. You never know what knowledge you will need tomorrow. Don't waste opportunity. Look. I asked the locals on the island how to make the very coconut oil, which treats all adversity and ailments here, being a must in every home. Below is a guide. In our video, everything is based on the example of three coconuts: 1) We clean the found coconut. 2) We break the nut out of it, drink water. Already good! Especially for pregnant women. 3) Scrape out the pulp, we need shavings, as in "Bounty". 4) Squeeze the milk out of the shavings with ordinary gauze. 5) Heat the milk for about 20 minutes. The more coconuts, the longer the process. 6) Bingo, butter in the house! Received about 70 ml of oil. 7) The resulting oil is usually rubbed on the skin, treat sores, heal the scalp, stimulating hair growth; women during pregnancy use for stretch marks on the skin; and many others. pl. etc. In every home there is a bottle of this gift of nature. No chemistry. It is also important to know that: 1) What remains on the video after filtration is eaten with honey, this is a local dessert. Sometimes mixed with pulp. My husband tried it - a great dessert! 2) Chips are also widely used in the kitchen: salad with tuna, rice, fish. Everywhere they add! And this is not all: - Sprouted coconuts, we bypassed on "The Last Hero". Now I know it’s in vain. ”Inside it, the flesh is like a sponge. Tastes sweet. It is also considered a healthy dessert. - The process itself on such a coconut also goes into food: we clean the core and eat it. It tastes like reed! You are now ready. " Un vdeo publicado por Temnikova | Temnikova (@lenatemnikovaofficial) el Dic 12, 2014 at 10:12 PST