Pasta Dishes RecipesPasta dishes, recipes Photo:Shutterstock Pasta, salads, pasta pilaf are just a few of the pasta-based dishes. Pasta is considered a national Italian product, in this Mediterranean country they are called pasta and have several hundred varieties. Pasta is usually made from wheat flour and water, although there are other methods, for example, pasta is made from rice flour, buckwheat, starch. In the cuisine of the Slavic peoples, several flour dishes are known that resemble the Italian "dough": lazanki, dumplings, strapachki,. The main secret of pasta dishes is the correct choice of pasta varieties. So make sure you use the right pasta before making many of your favorite Italian carbonara or bolognese. For example, long pasta varieties (longer than 5 cm), such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, are ideal for thick sauces - meat, fish, tomato and cream. Linguini pasta - the so-called "flattened" spaghetti - served with seafood and pesto sauce. Short pasta (less than 5 cm) are an excellent addition to and. By the way, pasta, familiar in Russia, is one of the varieties of Italian pasta. They can be added to first courses, and pasta is also used for baking - with minced meat and cheese, for example. One of the most popular types of pasta, penne ("feathers"), is ideal for all types of sauce. Rigatoni ("grooved") is an excellent ingredient for salads, and their delicate taste goes well with savory cheeses and meats.