How many calories in coffeeHow many calories in coffee According toUS Department of Agriculture, a 200-gram cup of ground coffee contains only 2 (yes, two) calories, which appear due to protein and a small amount of monounsaturated fats. The fact is that coffee beans contain fatty oils (which is why the barman so often has to clean the coffee maker). precisely because of the oils (as a rule, this happens when the burned or roasted grains produce oils that after long storage on the shelf begin to deteriorate, making the coffee tasteless and rancid. So, coffee + water = 0 calories. The whole thing in milkTalking about coffee as a high-calorie drink, we actually mean that coffee is added to this very thing. Caffeine is very bitter, like all products containing it. Therefore, we used to sweeten it with milk, sugar or syrup. And the larger your cup, the more milk and sugar you add The espresso category (latte, cappuccino) contains the minimum amount of water (usually about 45 ml / 42 g per serving). Now, the usual mathematics: 450 g grand latete from Starbucks contains two portions of espresso (84 g), and the rest 360 g - pure milk (depending on the volume of foam). Total: about 160 calories (if milk is 1.5%). Now add to this cream, syrup and some sugar and get one of the most high-calorie drinks that looks more like sweet milk than coffee. Calorie most common coffee napitkovNazvanie napitkaObem (g) KaloriiBystrorastvorimy kofe226 g4Espresso28g1Naturalny kofe226 g2McDonald's kapuchino450 g130McDonald's latte450 g180McDonald's organic coffee (a big portion) 450 g0McDonald's mokka450 g330Starbucks organic coffee (a big portion) 450 g5Starbucks US 450 g15Starbucks latte450 g220Starbucks mocha (without cream) 450 g290Starbucks mocha ( with cream) 450 g360Starbucks cappuccino450 g140Starbucks vanilla frapuccino (with cream) 450 g430Starbucks mocha with white chocolate and mint syrup (with cream) 450 g560Starbucks hot chocolate (without cream) 450 g360Calorie Latte CoffeeCalorie latte coffee 180-220Calorie mocha coffeeCalorie mocha 330-560Calorie Cappuccino CoffeeCalorie cappuccino coffee 130-140 SupplementsCoffee Many prefer herbal supplements to coffee rather than dairy. However, as the table below shows, such supplements also contain calories. Additives 10Aromatic vegetable cream (drinking) 35Aromatic low fat vegetable cream (drinking) 20If you can not live without coffee and want to to reduce the number of calories consumed, then you should pay attention to the consumption of sugar and various additives - by reducing their number, you will get rid of the extra calories derived from coffee. The best option for you is Americano (espresso + water). Strange as it may sound, but espresso contains less caffeine than natural coffee, where water is in contact with coffee beans much longer.