DJ Why and DJ Not ready for Restaurant DayPhoto: Roman Yanchenko's personal archive

La Makalo from DJ Not

Overseas appetizer prepared from localProductsPhoto: Roman YanchenkoThe recipe of this dish was brought from abroad by DJ Knot. According to him, in Italian restaurants, in anticipation of ordered dishes, visitors are served an aperitif consisting of baguette pieces, first-pressing olive oil, salt and herbs. The way of doing it is very simple: cut a baguette or a loaf on the coppers and slightly heat in the microwave. Pour a little olive oil in a saucer, put a pinch of salt in it and some kind of seasoning to taste, stir. In this spicy butter you need to promakivat bread and eat. From here "La Makalo". But watch out! The dish is very tasty and high-calorie, you can sit down so that you will not notice how you type a couple of kilos.