Grilled Feta Burger and Vegetables

Grilled Feta Burger and VegetablesA photo: TV channel TNTChto needBugs for burgers - 5 pieces. Mince's stuffing - 1 kg Feta cheese - 200 g Red onions - 1 piece. For sause Mint - 30 g Pickles - 1 piece. Tomatoes - 1 piece. Greek yogurt - 150 ml Salt, pepper - to taste. grill Zucchini - 1 pc. Sweet pepper - 2 pcs. Tomatoes - 3 pcs. Asparagus - 200 g Olive oil - 50 mlWhat we do1. Form high flat cutlets from ground beef and grill them on both sides for 4–5 minutes.2. Put the slices of cheese on the almost finished cutlets so that it melts slightly, but do not let it spread. Cut the buns in half and dry on the grill for 2 minutes on each side.4. Cut red onions into thin rings. For the sauce, chop the cucumber, tomato and mint finely peeled. Mix with Greek yogurt, add salt and pepper. Collect burgers: put a burgers cutlet on a bagel, add sauce and onions on top, cover the second half of the bun.7. Prepare grilled vegetables instead of traditional french fries: cut zucchini into strips, and tomatoes and peppers into slices. Asparagus can not be cut. Bake everything on the grill for 5 minutes, season the prepared vegetables with olive oil, salt and mix.