Vegetarianism benefits and harmVegetarianism benefits and harmsphilosophy of non-interference with the environment. Of all the evils, conscientious persons choose the least: they refuse fish and meat. And others are not advised to revel in steaks and chicken wings. For example, Pamela Anderson is battling chicken snack maker KFC. According to the sexy animal rights activist, terror and murder reign in the company's poultry farms. Another enemy of Pamela is the famous chocolate bar. His anger was not brought on by the killer calorie content, but by the fact that the manufacturer is experimenting on animals. Which is really bad. To put an end to the suffering of our smaller brothers, ecosexuals propose to exclude from the diet not only, but also eggs and milk. In other words, become vegan. We are not even talking about boycotting products with preservatives. It goes without saying! Loving animals means not eating their meat or wearing their fur. No compromises! Veganism (or veganism) is very popular with the stars. Its most famous adherents are Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone. Both have been faithful to the strictest diet since childhood. And how slender! True, Alicia will not come to terms with the ban on her beloved brie. Breaks down periodically. And then he suffers from pricks of conscience and unhealthy gas formation (by his own admission). More adherents to a sparing vegetarian diet: Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Joss Stone, Pink and many others. Those who have not yet joined the green diet rely on organic products. For example, Madonna cannot live without environmentally friendly (and fabulously expensive) honey from a small German apiary, which strengthens the priceless organism.This is important Veganism - not a diet! This is a conscious choice of a person, dictated not by the desire to lose weight, but by ethical considerations. The motto is not to eat animals and their products. The diet is specific and not rich in vitamins. Reception of special dietary supplements (vitamins of group B, omega-3 - fatty acids, etc.) is inevitable. As well as the control of doctors. A fan of veganism (and also a well-known syroedka) Demi Moore weekly consults with a personal doctor.