Espresso coffeeEspresso coffee

We need:

  • Espresso*
  • Whipping cream
  • Almond petals
  • For submission:
  • chocolate
  • sweet cookies

* Espresso (from Italian.espresso) is a coffee drink made by passing hot (about 90 ° C) and pressurized water through a filter with ground coffee. Classic espresso usually has a volume of 30-40 ml and is served in a 60 or 70 ml Demitasse cup. Brewing espresso in a conventional coffee machine requires skill from the barista. The ratio of correct grinding, correct pressing of ground coffee into a tablet, correct water temperature and its stability is the key to high-quality preparation. Even a slight change in any of the above parameters will spoil the taste of the drink. Visually, the correctness of preparation is determined by the color of the froth (ital. Crema) and the trickle of coffee curving in the first seconds (the so-called "mouse tail"). However, with the new Nespresso machine, you can brew a classic espresso like a professional barista. You simply insert a single serving of Nespresso coffee capsule into the holder, press a button, and in just a couple of moments you will enjoy an excellent aromatic drink!

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