Tastings in MoscowMoscow tastingsFor Italian weeks along“Gastronome No. 1” showcases specially built four “island-counters” seven meters long. Three "islands" are devoted to the northern, central and southern regions, one "island" is equipped with kitchen equipment, there will be daily cooking shows with a demonstration of cooking the famous culinary dishes of Italy. Every day, as part of the Italian weeks, there will be tasting events, where everyone can appreciate the taste and the highest quality of Italian-made food products, as well as buy the ones they like. , alcohol from all over Italy. These products can now be purchased only in the specialized "Deli number 1" on Red Square. The variety of tastes and refinement of flavors of Italian products are confirmed by the peculiarities of the regions-producers, including their geographical specificity. The north is represented by products such as bresaol, coppa, pancetta (all - meat gastronomy), cold-pressed olive oil, artichokes. The central part of Italy is parmesan, prosciutto, mortadella, black and white truffles known all over the world. And the southern regions demonstrate mozzarella cheese, sheep cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, a wide assortment of jams and the famous red Sicilian oranges. Italian weeks in GUM are held with the support of the Italian Foreign Trade Institute and will last until June fourteen. Source: Restoranoff.ru.