Short East RestaurantNedalny Vostok restaurantit is not difficult to make sure that the crab is healthy and tasty. An entire menu page is devoted to dishes from it. Perhaps the only item where the crab has not yet extended its claws is desserts. However, the chef of the restaurant Glen Ballis promises that it is a matter of time and is working hard in this direction. One can only guess what the result of these culinary and creative searches will be. After all, Glen believes that there are practically no products in the world that the crab does not go with.


Many restaurants offer live crabs. And visitors choose them according to the principle: the more, the better. Partly, “giantomania” is justified - there is indeed more meat in a large individual. But in terms of taste, size does not make absolutely no difference - all crabs are equally beautiful.


Little left naive gourmets who trustcrab sticks. Crabs in this product are present only in the name and in the form of a few drops of extract. Everything else - fish, starch, salt, sugar, and, of course, dyes and flavorings. These surrogates did not inherit any useful properties of crab meat.


In no case can crabs be cooked too.long. Time goes to the detriment of their delicate taste. So, just gape, you can get something rubbery-unintelligible instead of fragrant, sweetish meat. According to Glen Ballis, the best time to prepare a delicacy is 7 minutes. And do not abuse spices and sauces. Kamchatka crab is no wonder called the royal. In the dish should be the soloist. Although in the "Near East" can be found crabs in pepper or chili sauce. But a professional had a hand in their preparation. There is no doubt that any “accessories” are present here for the sole purpose of emphasizing the merits of the main character. CERTAIN VALUE Crab is a valuable product. It is impressive both its value and its benefits to our appearance. First, it does not harm the figure: a hundred grams of meat contains only 85 calories. Secondly, it contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. For example, the iodine that normalizes metabolism, calcium, which is responsible for the beauty of hair and nails, strengthens the body's defenses and affects zinc density on the hair. As well as polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for youthful skin. Plus antioxidants: taurine, vitamins E and C. They protect the body from environmental hazards and premature aging. This is not a complete list of the advantages of a crab. By the way, like other marine life, it has a positive effect on male potency and spermatogenesis. And also crabs are recommended for anemia, cardiovascular diseases and even with deterioration of vision. Restaurant "Near East": Tverskoy Boulevard, 15, p. 2, t .: (495) 694 0641, 694 0154.