National alcoholic beveragesNational alcoholic drinksTry it and youby all means - then, at home, with friends, dreamily rolling his eyes, talking about the taste of the present (from Champagne) champagne, or discussing the differences between Scotch and Irish whiskey. Or just tell about what is happening in the Caucasus now. Japan. Of course, sake. In a real sake, the fortress is only 20 degrees, and it is served in special earthen claws, with the capacity of a glass. That is, after returning home, you can safely tell your friends about how 'we took a friend of Yasubari five bottles of sake and crushed them outside the city, under the cherry blossom ... And - believe it - not enough!'. Pure truth. However, if you drink in Japanese - tiny portions - it may well be enough. Drinking alcohol in this way increases intoxication. There is even an old student's recipe: a bottle of beer pours out into a soup plate and is eaten like a soup with a spoon. You can get drunk on one bottle. By the way, about beer. Those who can not live without it so much that even in Japan does not want to drink sake - I can recommend traditional Japanese beer with a decent taste and a smart name that the Russian ear can hear a little indecently. France France and wine are inseparable from each other. Here, the choice of this drink depends on the region in which you are located. For example, Parisians recommend visitors to drink bordeaux or champagne. If you get to Provence, the people there will advise you to drink wonderful food with pink Cote de Provence or Bandol Rose. In the south-east of France, it is best to drink red wine from local vineyards. Here, literally, find out what is called that vineyard beyond the outskirts, and compare it with the inscription on the bottle. It should be the same. In addition to wine in France, it is good to drink cocktails. In Paris - any exotic: Long Island, Mai-Tai, Weng Weng. In Provence, a traditional strong drink is pastis (45-50 degrees), which is made from anise. The locals usually plant the pastis with water 50:50 and drink with ice. On the coast is very popular perroke - pastis with mint syrup and ice. One of the symbols of France - absinthe - is now banned in the country, but in the French Alps it is considered a substitute for Chartreuse and Gene (50-60 degrees). They are served freely, but it is strongly recommended to dilute. By the way, absinthe still sells illegally in Paris - look for small inscriptions in the windows with the name of the drink. Ireland Ginnes, a thousand times Guinness. Nowhere in Guinness is there such a gentle creamy foam, such a taste as in Ireland - where it was invented. No seriously. He is very different from what we drink at home or, even in Germany - Irish Guinness is softer and his taste is fuller. The best Guinness you can try in Dublin, at the brewery. In the XIX century, it was poured there for free, but now they can be given as an addition to the excursion - which, however, does not include the inspection of production. If you can consume something other than Guinness - then it will be whiskey. Ireland and Scotland are still arguing about who invented it. The official version - whiskey, like Christianity, first appeared (thanks to Saint Patrick) in Ireland. And almost immediately moved through the strait to the friendly Scottish tribes. Irish whiskey tastes softer than Scottish, and cheaper. However, in Ireland everything is cheaper. Whiskey on the island is added literally in all. Including coffee. Irish coffee - the limit of tenderness. This whipped milk, coffee and whiskey - a favorite drink of women. As well as Baileys - but unlike the present Guinez bottleneck Baileys can be bought in Duty Free and taken with you. GreeceRecina is a special type of wine that is kept in resin barrels and which has a taste of resin. Those who do not like the retsin can drink ordinary local wine - white 'Hatzimihali', red 'Bautaris' and 'Mavrodafn' - very sweet and strong wine such as port. Greeks quite often drink auzu - local anise vodka. As for other strong drinks, you can recommend the Greek 'Metaxu'. The stuff that is sold in our stores, to the real 'Metax' has a very distant relationship. In Greece, the quality of MetaXX is much better than the export quality. Choose five-, seven-star, so as not to lose. America In America, one should not drink, but eat. It is not customary to drink there. Well, that is, accepted, but only at home, quietly, with himself. And to show in public that you can drink more than a couple of divorced to the state of watery drinks before dinner - is not accepted. One serving of drink contains 30-40 grams of alcohol. In pubs there is also the concept of shot - volley. One shot - one ounce (29.5 grams) of something strong, for example, whiskey (which is much worse than Scottish). That is, if you order a double whiskey in the pub, you will be poured only 60 grams. It is better to be interrupted by cocktails. The most famous is the 'screwdriver', vodka with orange juice. The most popular - Helloween: 30 grams of whiskey, 50 g of orange and 10 g of lemon juice. Italy'I goes back to your room on the gangway. The steward carrying a grappa in his pocket, Perfect nobody, a man in a cloak, Lost memory, fatherland, son, Po His hump is crying in the woods of aspen, If somebody is crying about him at all. Borrowing these lines from Brodsky, uncork the bottle. Grappa is a drink of the abandoned. It is made from the debris - the remains of grapes, after they were taken all the juice for wine. It turns out such brandy. Sometimes with a strange aftertaste and a slight smell of feces. However, if you suddenly find yourself in the province of Fazi-Batalha, then as a grappa you can be served a charming golden liquid of very high quality. On local private plantations, grapes are crushed with a special soft press, and therefore in juice for grappa there is a lot of juice. And so that good does not disappear, after distillation the product is well cleaned - and the grappa turns out to be very, very decent. Drink grappa, but only if the wonderful Italian wine no longer cheers you. Chekhia Beer, beer and beer again! Naturally, draft. A beer mug in the Czech Republic is cheaper than ours, and the quality is excellent. If you want to fully enjoy this drink, go to a restaurant, which has its own brewery. Find them quite easily. First, usually such things are advertised at the entrance, and secondly, inside you can immediately see two giant closed tanks. This is a natural brewery, built right in the restaurant. Small, for the needs of customers only this institution. The quality of beer in such restaurant breweries is often higher than that of ordinary Czech beer. HollandThe usual Dutch drink is beer, and the famous Heineken local snobs do not favor. But, however, then they are snobs. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, you should not drink at all. Because at the end of the day you will still come - even out of curiosity - in a coffee shop (a special cafe where they sell and smoke marijuana), and there local tourism professionals will not be difficult to "steal" you odorous kosyachok: marijuana in Holland is legalized. 'Cologne' with grass or hashish booze, you will feel like oh how unsweet. Corridors Amsterdam deeply despise the 'stupid tourists' who interfere with binge drinking with grass. And they do it right. Local varieties of hashish and marijuana are too cautious to interfere with anything else without compromising health in general and free orientation in space in particular. So if you really tipped a beer - stay, do not smoke, no matter how sincerely you are not offered it. Finland In addition to the standard vodka exotic, there are absolutely wonderful in Finland: cranberry, cloudberry (Lakka Liqueur) and sea buckthorn. There are no such people anywhere else. They are really worth a try. But act reasonably: in stores Duty Free on the border, they cost $ 5, and in Finland itself - almost $ 15. All liquor in Suomi - not only liquors - is very expensive, so stock up in advance. As much as possible, and perhaps per liter per person.