1. Change the plates

500 calories500 calories Photo: Shutterstock.To reduce the amount of food consumed, it is enough to replace dishes in the house. The last experiments of the researchers proved that if instead of plates with a diameter of 30 cm to serve a table with plates whose diameter is 5 cm less, the amount of food eaten per day will be reduced by at least 20-25%. And this and there are those same 500 calories per day. In addition, there are plates and much smaller diameter. By the way, some manufacturers have already started to produce dishes in mini format. So, the French brand of heat-resistant cookware Pyrex has released a unique series of glass mini glass Glass MINIs. The new series includes: square and round pans (10x10 cm, volume - 0,25 l), oval roaster (13x10 cm) and salad bowl (volume - 0.2 l).