Best French WineThe best French wine built in 1525O-Brion Castle (Haut-Brion) was brought not by walls and towers, but by vineyards. The legendary castle wine - Cha’teau HautBrion - has been one of the five great Bordeaux wines of Premier Cru Classe for 150 years. If you delve into history, it turns out that O-Brion produced wine already when the place of its current rivals (chateau Margot, Lafite, Latour and Mouton) still stretched the wastelands along which the goats roved. Roberta, banker Clarence Dillon, stopped at O-Brion for sure, not only because he loved this wine. Hunting in those parts and the ability to ride should have attracted Mr. Dillon no less. The castle itself was in a rather poor condition, which absolutely could not be said about the vineyards. The deal was concluded in 1935, and since then the Dillon family, although they have not lived there permanently, have invested enough money and strength in maintaining the Cha’teau Haut-Brion brand at the highest level. In 1982, the neighboring castle of La Mission HautBrion also came into her possession. Wine and vineyards surrounded Prince Robert almost from his birth - he often lived in O-Brion with his sister, Princess Charlotte. But he was not going to make a living at all by winemaking. In 1997, when the prince's mother, Duchess de Mushy, nee Joan Dillon, asked him to take part in the management of Domaine Clarence Dillon, Robert and his young American wife were already quite successful in selling scripts in Hollywood. It took him almost five years to understand how the wine business is organized - and take it completely into his own hands. “But in wine I still don’t understand anything,” he says, smiling slyly. “But I am surrounded by people who understand this better than anyone else in the world, with their eyes closed, they will name every vine in the vineyard.” This means, in particular, the main winemaker of the company - Jean-Philippe Delmas, the representative of the third generation Delmasov, working in O-Brion. And his recently retired father, who during the war managed to prevent the Luftwaffe pilots who were lodging in the castle into the cellars with precious wine. The charming, witty, brilliantly educated Prince Robert is a supporter of a single world. He believes that the more the cultures of different countries intersect, the better for everyone. In his international family, Russian pies always loved and cooked borsch regularly. Robert himself loves sushi, once a week with his family goes to a Chinese restaurant.