The authors of the project are Sanda Fuchs, Tatiana Rogova, Veronika Blumgren (“Details” school).

The main rules of summer serving

Advises decorator Veronica Bloomgren

  • To decorate the summer table, we advise you to choose bright sunny colors: yellow, green, orange.
  • White utensils use as a neutral background.
  • Discard banal candles, napkin rings and cards. Unleash the imagination!
  • On the table must be fresh flowers.
  • A worthy alternative to flowers is spicy greens. Salad, parsley, coriander (cilantro), green onion stalks will look very good in transparent glass vases.
  • Use for the table decoration and seasonal vegetables - a cauliflower or broccoli head disassembled into inflorescences, decorative pumpkin, dwarf melon. Try to beat every fruit.
  • Edible flowers such as roses, violets, pansies, nasturtium, chrysanthemums, etc. are ideal for decorating desserts, salads and canapes.
  • In the menu, focus on seasonal dishes: Let there be more fresh vegetables, fruits and greens on the plates. They are not only tasty and healthy, but also harmonize perfectly with the overall color scheme of the table setting.
  • For decorating napkins you can use almost anything. So, napkin, which wrapped cutlery, can be decorated with a branch of rosemary or thyme.
  • An interesting trick - some fresh berries or nuts, casually scattered on a plate.

DIY table decorDIY table decor

  • one. Of course, the easiest way to serve snacks on ordinary plates. But after all, the more imagination will be shown by the hostess, the more original the serving will turn out. For example, chopped celery stalks can be placed in narrow tall glasses. Well, in order not to spend too much time setting the table, it makes sense to place the glasses on a tray. By the way, even an ordinary onion can become an element of its decor. Skillful hands will turn it into a pink bud.
  • 2. When choosing a tablecloth and napkins, you can experiment with the pattern. Our proposal is a combination of a similarly large and small cell.
  • 3 For the preparation of canapés, you will need low-fat ham, cheese and zucchini squash. The ingredients are cut into small rectangular or triangular pieces and strung on a toothpick or a special canapé skewer. The final touch is a violet flower. After the canapes are laid out on a large platter, it will look like a flower glade.

  • 4. Red grapes cut in half, cubes of cheese and petals of white roses are combined with the help of toothpicks or special skewers.
  • 5. Table setting is based on color contrasts, it is better to decorate canapés of green grapes and cheese with violet flowers. They are also used as a decor for snacks from zucchini and ham zucchini.
  • 6. Placing a canape will help simple reception: on one tray set two tall glasses of water, and on them - the second dish.

  • 7 The original dessert will be Georgian sweets, for example, churchkhela, fruit candy, dried tangerines. Pastila and churchkhela are cut into small pieces and put together with dried mandarins on a tray. Decorate the dish with mint leaves and physalis.
  • eight. Even the stalks of the most common celery can be the basis of funny canapes. To do this, celery is cut into thin strips, combined with the help of toothpicks and diced ham, decorated with violet flowers and spread on a large platter.
  • 9. Dessert - Georgian sweets - should be served at the end of the evening along with coffee, brewed in Arabic, or tea - green or black. These drinks are optimal because they will set off and complement the unusual taste of selected confectionery products.