Aphrodisiac at homeAphrodisiac at homediligent housewife, and carefree secular lioness, who dream of forcing their blissful musketeer to expose the blade, know: he who ends up putting all kinds of crap in his mouth ends well. But not any, of course, but sea. Sea gad was so long in charge of the male potency that Casanova with his fifty oysters for breakfast was already fed up with gallant eaters. In fact, do these people believe that a large amount of protein, zinc, selenium and B vitamins can excite in a man a special bite? And to wait for your fresh dozen before spring - the action is too wasteful in our crazy hurried world. One joy - concerned Italian scientists, cooperating with the Americans, found in fresh shellfish indecent abundance of rare amino acids responsible for the production of a pleasant amount of sex hormones. And not only in oysters, but also in mussels and clamps that have completed their life on the embankments of Naples. It is well known that rats, who received miraculous amino acids by injection, were very pleased with the result. The next most valuable reptiles are the stingray and the shark, bellys who do not regret the production of specific drugs with playful names such as "Vanka-vstanka" or "Do not sleep, hussars!". If the adjacent supermarket is absolutely dirty, neither one nor the other will come down, and crabs and lobsters flowing into the cramping during the vulgar cooking will also come down. However, we will be frank to the end: even pollock fillets have a miraculous property. The whole feint in the phosphorus, which directly affects the sexual abilities. It is outrageous, but it is still not known for certain whether the yellow whale and the squid for beer are effective for the amber desserts, but the white caviar is unequivocally recognized as a powerful aphrodisiac, and the more it is, the more stronger you want. Some say, it's all in the protein, others - in value. Juice and blood By the way, for fans of everything and more protein - the key word. And this means that a quivering chop with blood and various kinds of mushrooms will serve as a reliable fuse for any gun. Babakh! It's terrible to think that someone is able to give up a dozen oysters or hates chops with blood, or even a vegetarian, but with such a difficult case you can fight. A light salad of avocado is quite convenient. In all respects, the fat alligator pear, they say, was the only hope of Louis XIV for a boring evening. Not in the least inferior to her and mighty pine nuts. Lovers of light versions will have to pucker in anticipation of freshly squeezed celery juice, and then drink it without frowning. Sexologists whisper enticingly - hold on, inspire! Obscurantism and jazz Alas, alas, this is standardthe set of a decent tempter and an unbridled eater ends. Further, as the song says, a uniform disgrace, suggesting that the primary was sex after all. I'm afraid to seem greedy for dirty talk, but one of the main components of the erotic menu is the egg. The usual chicken or regular quail, and in a duet with onions. Horseradish and radish, both are not known to be sweet, but are also on the glorious list of natural aphrodisiacs. This knowledge, by the way, is very valuable for a modern young lady. Now, if the eyes of a new boyfriend are already climbing out of their sockets from the abuse of wasabi, and he is still worried, calling: "Fuck, still fuck!" We continue according to Freud: carrot and banana. Women - to contemplate, men - to use. Both products increase the strength of the impact, being in a duet. The best pair for carrots in this regard is parsley. As for the banana, I sincerely believe in its original sexual connotation, firmly entrenched in the public consciousness, so I believe that the woman who eats a banana for an encore ... However, experts in the field of food seduction for some reason do not listen to my opinion at all. They say banana needs curry, butter and walnuts. They say that it is in this case that our friend will have an explosive effect, so it is better to experiment at home, and not torment the waiter. In the end, not all metropolitan restaurants have taken care of reliable depreciation of interior items. Finally, for lovers of the primordial and serene - excitations a la russe: acrid garlic is the best friend of passionate kisses, and elegantly planed. They are responsible for their effectiveness - they contain an abundance of vitamin C, which affects arousal. There should be a lot of it for strength and desire. Attention - game! No, this is not a pheasant. We are talking about the wild, but in their own way attractive manners of eastern colleagues. For example, Chinese men, the founders of erotic cuisine, do not gnaw carrots in anticipation of an apocalyptic passion and do not even believe in the life-giving power of shellfish. They consider the penises to be the most sophisticated and effective means of increasing morale on the love front. It is gratifying that at least not their own enemies, but still smaller brothers. The only restaurant in the world specializing in the preparation of such aphrodisiacs, Guo-li-zhuang, is located in Beijing and is wildly popular among gourmets. The most valuable dish is made from the genitals of a Canadian seal. It is scary to think what happens to the partners of the subjects after a delicious meal. The second one hundred percent way to hit the target more than once, according to the Chinese tempters, is to strangle the snake. A freshly caught snake is deprived of blood to the last drop, and that blood is bought and drunk by responsible Chinese men. Is it worth asking the question why the population of China has long passed over a billion ... And a thick layer of chocolateDo you believe in the hurricane exciting power of chocolate? I am sure. Imagine, with the advent of autumn and until the very spring, every self-respecting women's magazine is obliged to publish a series of articles on the topic "How to overcome the cold without difficulty," and in each of them a plaid plaid, a favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate (a box of chocolates) . It's not surprising that it's easier in the city to start with dessert at once than to look for where to eat a plate of decent soup. And now, on the icy streets, slightly shaken by the pleasure received, there are people who are in the undivided power of chocolate arousal. Solid chemistry and no "fraud": caffeine and theobromine contained in cocoa, disperse blood and can, quite can make the heart beat faster in anticipation of an erotic adventure. Of course, there are dates and coconut, which contain an excitatory vitamin E, but it is not easy to compete with chocolate. This can only multifunctional cream. The calcium contained in them is responsible for the lift. But to admit, the main secret of any erotic dessert is that it should not be double. Oh, horror, all the secrets are given out! It remains only to recall that the recipe is just a boring set of products that can turn into poetry only at the whim of author's fantasy. That is why for true gourmets, sex will always be appetizing, and food - sexual.