Mushroom soup: the recipe

Mushroom soupMushroom Chowder (Photo: Shutterstock) Ingredients:Porcini mushrooms - 70 g Barley - 50 g Mushrooms St. - 60 g St. - 70 g Potatoes - 700 g Onions - turnips - 30 g Carrots - 30 g Water - 500 ml Vegetable oil 15 ml Thyme St. - 2 sprigs Salt, pepper to taste Pre-soak the cereal in the evening. Cook the prepared cereals separately, blanch the mushrooms separately in turn, but in the same water. Heat oil in a saucepan, sauté vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes), add thyme, pour over mushroom broth. If you want a richer taste, then use chicken broth instead of water.

Pikeperch with mushrooms: recipe

Pike perch with mushroomsPike perch with mushrooms Photo: Shutterstock Ingredients:Pike perch fillet on the skin - 150g Chimney - 1 sprigs Salt, pepper to taste Olive oil - 10gBelted mushrooms boiled - 50gKapersy - 5 pcs. Broccoli - 90g. Millet tomatoes - 10g Fish broth - 50ml. Olive oil - 15ml. Garlic - 2g. Wine white dry - 15 sudak (fillet) fry with thyme, salt and pepper until cooked. On the side dish fry the mushrooms until golden brown, add salt, pepper, garlic, dried tomatoes and broccoli, put out and add the wine, slightly evaporate, add the fish broth and bring to the state of the sauce . If desired, you can add a little butter.