Tasty meat dishesDelicious meat dishes So, let's get started ... - this isthin slices of beef, pork or lamb tenderloin, stewed with onions and tomatoes. Entrecote is a beaten and fried thin piece of meat. Eintopf is a specific German dish, a kind of thick soup with meat, smoked meats, sausages or other meat offal, which replaces a two-course dinner. Its name is translated from German: “In one saucepan.” The fashionable barbecue nowadays is meat fried on a wire rack over an open fire. Akin to the more familiar to us kebab. The capacious word "barbecue" also denotes a brazier with a grid on which meat is cooked, and the cooking process itself, and the result - the dish itself. In general, a barbecue is everything that happens around the brazier. Is meat from the tenderloin cut into cubes, fried and then stewed with onions and broth. And a steak is a beaten or minced fried piece of meat from a tenderloin. Jambalaya is a Creole dish made from rice and ham or other sausages. Dolma is mutton packed in grape leaves in the manner of cabbage rolls. Zrazy is a stuffed cutlet. Yorkshire pudding, one of the most famous dishes in English cuisine, is a piece of baked, whipped dough. It got into meat dishes because it is customary to eat it with roast beef - a whole piece of tenderloin, first fried and then baked.Italian cannelloni are tubes stuffed with meat made from dough. The same word is used to refer to special very large ones. Langet are thin slices of beef tenderloin, fried as is or breaded in breadcrumbs. Rum steak - beef, beef, beaten and fried in an egg and breadcrumbs. The oriental dish "lula-kebab" is akin to sausage, cutlet and barbecue at the same time. For its preparation, a thin twig or skewer is covered with minced meat so that it turns out a "sausage" with a stick inside, and then fried over an open fire. Satay is also a kind of beef kebab, only from Thai cuisine. A steak is a cut and fried piece of meat from a tenderloin. The well-known sandwiches are an invention of the British. It is simple to prepare: put meat prepared in any way on one piece of bread and cover with the second. The classic sandwich is included in the meat category. However, it can be stuffed with any other ingredient such as fish, chicken, or, for those who are losing weight, a lone lettuce. Fricassee is a white poultry or fish stew cooked in a sauce. And frittata is a slow-cooked Italian meat omelet. A very exotic dish - Scottish haggis - with barley and various spices is baked in a sheep's or lamb's stomach or in the intestines. The familiar schnitzel is a broad piece of meat beaten or minced from the back of pork or veal, fried in butter. Escalope is thin slices of pork, lamb or veal loin fried in butter.