French cuisine photoFrench cuisine photo with great trepidation, andI even take up this topic with some reluctance, for how can I tell about the Great and Immense. French Cuisine - truly Great - and it deserves to be written about it only with a capital letter! And only geniuses pen. And Immense ... Dozens of volumes written about her. Human life, perhaps, would not be enough to try all the French dishes. I will try, just try, to give you only a few short strokes to the portrait of this Kitchen. Two important features are inherent in French cooking, which cannot be mentioned. First, cooking and food are as important to the French as love and the art of talking. Secondly, the cooking of the French - inspired art. Salads they call the names of the operas: “Aida”, “Carmen”, “Tosca”. And among the cooks, there was one who wrote recipes with poems and then shifted them to the music of ancient melodies. French is the culinary language. Rolls, meatballs, entrecote, sauce, mayonnaise, pom-fries, scrambled eggs, consomté, pointe, volet - all these names, and many others, came to us from French cuisine.For french cooking like for nothe other is the sauce. “You can learn to cook and fry, but you can’t learn how to make sauce, you need talent, and you need to be born with this talent,” wrote the famous 19th century cook and writer Bria-Savarin. And he knew a lot about it! Perhaps, you can still give up meat, but never from sauce! After all, sauce is the main thing in any dish. Imagine a real brothel, bechamel or bernez sauce with white wine and brandy. And no one will be surprised if you eat the sauce with the help of bread crust. You do not want to leave on a plate a drop of this miracle. There was not a single gourmet who would refuse standing wine or standing sauce. A salad! To make a real salad, wash it a little and sort it out. Rousseau - and he knew about cooking - claimed that the tender hands of a young girl were needed to make a salad. Or cheese! No meal is complete without cheese. Camembert is no less famous in the world than brandy. And the Roquefort was cooked already in Roman times. If a Frenchman eats every day a new sort of cheese, he will never repeat within a year. They are said to be from 400 to 600 varieties. However, how to look: it is known that about 10,000 labels of Camembert cheese are stored by one collector, and that collected over the past 20 years. I can not resist, so as not to bring quite a simple recipe for a Parisian cheese dessert: 150 gr. cheese and peeled sweet 2 apples cut into thin slices, add a handful of almonds, 2 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise, lemon juice to taste and mix. Salt Serve with toasted slices of bread.If you are in Paris, be sure to try the onionsoup. True, the real onion soup, as it was in the early morning in the market districts (remember “The Belly of Paris”, E. Zola?) In the 19th century, may not be, but any onion soup is great. And if you find yourself in Marseille, how not to taste bouillabaisse. Only here, on the coast, is it cooked according to all the rules, experts say. But truth be told, he's not bad in Normandy either. Here nuts are added to it and washed down with calvados - strong apple vodka. Wrap up in Le Havre, even if it's not on your way - because there you will be served a great roast duck - Canar a la Rouensese. Or small mouth-watering anduy sausages. Yes, in any town you will always find something to treat. For example, snails in wine - what a delicate taste! And the famous oysters! And frog legs, which many of our fellow tribesmen have already tried in Moscow and other cities. Note that they were not prepared, as a rule, by the French. And these, as they say in Odessa, are two big differences. They say that once a monsieur was asked: "What would you like to eat asparagus with, monsieur?" Monsieur turned out to be a gourmet and answered shortly: "With awe!" Yes, this queen of vegetables, with béchamel sauce and grated cheese, is lightly baked except with reverence (it's a pity that this vegetable does not take root with us). But with the same feeling, true gourmets eat almost any dish of the great French Masters.I will only mention the famous French wines,magnificent champagne, divine drink brandy - these are the finest additions to the French Cuisine, for this is a completely different Song. And I wish you many, many wonderful meetings with this truly wonderful and inexhaustible, always new and always tasty, truly ingenious creation of the French people - Great French Cuisine! Learn and love French Cuisine! Based on the book Bon Appetit by Gunter Linde and Heinz Knoblach.