Borlamental DietDr. Bormental's diet One thing is not at allbeautiful morning I realized that I do not fit in the mirror. Sighing resignedly, I decided to face the truth: yes, there are extra pounds, and there are quite a few of them. Too much, in fact. That way fifteen. Of course, they do not affect my life, which has everything I need to be happy: a wonderful husband, family, friends, favorite work. And it seems that these kilograms do not give me much discomfort, but only somehow sad: the feeling as if I won a big and difficult game, but received for it a pitiful prize like a plush toy. On the way to work, I carefully considered various options for gaining harmony. I immediately rejected Thai pills and other chemistry, liposuction was also frightening. Maybe coding? Then I remembered one friend who passed this way. "Don't you want some fried potatoes?" I asked her. And the answer just shocked me. "You don't want to eat your notebook, do you?" She shrugged. I remember then I thought: well, I don’t know ... if I really want to eat, perhaps I can eat a book too ... What else: a cream that reduces volumes? Yes, when you have a couple of extra centimeters on your hips it is effective, but if these are twenty centimeters, then the difference will be little noticeable. Maybe sports? But my trainer Serega insists that you will not see success if you do not normalize your nutrition. Diet? It has been tested: well, I can stand it for a month or two, and then the kilograms that have gone will return and even bring my "friends" with them. In general, I spent a couple of days in such reflections, and by the weekend my guardian angel returned from vacation and decided to help me. I remember how, sitting in front of the TV, I put my favorite set in a plate: smoked sausage, soft cheese, herring under a fur coat - and got ready to enjoy the process. But after a minute, thoughtlessly clicking the remote control, I saw something that changed my life. Career, children, a loving husband - and a dumb question to the mirror: "Is extra pounds really the price for happiness?" There was a medical program on one of the channels. The plot was impressive: slender women paraded around the studio, who in two or three months drastically reduced their weight - not by some 5-6 kg, but by 20-30! All of them lost weight in the medical and psychological center: it helps not only to lose weight, but also to maintain the achieved result. After the transfer, I called the center and made an appointment for a consultation. And then I went to the vastness of the Internet and carefully studied this issue. The center's website said that the course is based on classical psychotherapeutic techniques that help overcome psychological dependence on food and eliminate the main cause of excess weight - unconscious overeating. The method was developed by scientists from two medical universities - Siberian and Altai. The authors, professional psychotherapists and psychologists, have been successfully using it for more than 10 years, and now Doctor Bormental is the largest medical center for weight loss in Russia with branches in 75 cities.