Classic Forshmak

Classic ForshmakClassic forshmakPhoto: WeheartitIngredients: One fillet of slightly salted herring3 slices of white breadMilk with fat content of at least 3.2% 30–50 g of butter1 / 3 large Yalta (red) onion Juice of half lemon they do not know what Forshmak is, they don’t know what is included there, how it is prepared and in general that this dish exists. Forshmak belongs to the Jewish cuisine, but in fact it is prepared in many homes by representatives of various nations. No self-respecting hostess will never cook forshmak in a blender and any other incomprehensible technical devices. Forshmak always beats only manually. ”Preparation method: Peel bread loaf, cut into pieces and soak in milk. Chop the herring until smooth. Press bread and“ drive ”into the herring using a knife. Also add butter. , sprinkle with hot pepper and mix with half of the ground (can be in a blender, but it is better to chop by hand) Yalta onions. Serve with a Borodino bread and fresh cucumber.Lara KatsovaOn “Domashniy” one more culinary show has become MorePhoto: “Domashny” TV channel